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Movie makeup can better define a character by hiding imperfections and beautify it more clearly. Makeovers are worn to bring the imaginary character to life. Realm film industry starts from the diverse Hollywood galaxy. What shows in Bollywood and Lollywood is a copied version from Hollywood. An idea by a report in Los Angeles was estimated that Hollywood movies and characters presentation seem to be as natural looks in reality. Who makes this all happen as a real world?

This is an art to provide a platform with polished and error-less skills. Even, the makeup wears by the artist seem natural. A makeover can transform a happy world into the destroyed, broken and sad world. Nowadays, people have a huge list of weary things to choose from for their fashion collections that include, bags, clothing, jewelry and makeovers by their favorite stylists and grooming. A trend is what that catches it for you toward its spark. Fetch what you love rather than relying on what you just feel good. Don’t bow down for compromise.

Top 6 International Makeup Artist

Here is a list of versatile makeup stylists for the celebrities of the page 3 glitterati of Hollywood. Stardom makes up is an art in the stardust of beau monde.

1. Bobbi Brown    


Bobbi Brown -  Style in FLux

She is a well-known name in fashionista world and makeover where the glory of her makeup has proved her decent versatility. She is the CEO of her own named brand found also online on She is the founder of her own show where she calls every celebrity like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and many other famous artists of Hollywood. The name of her show is, “Today’s Beauty editor”. She has done makeup for all the cast from many movies but famous makeovers she did are Titanic and Twilight series.

2. Laura Mercier:

Laura Mercier -  Style in FLux

Laura Mercier Cosmetics is very popular among girls. The list of cosmetics includes Body & Bath, Skincare and Fragrances. She is the creator of her own cosmetics. She has done makeups for Celebrities such as Juliette Binoche, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker because they look only to her for makeup. She has done a makeover of Juliette Binoche for movie Chocolate while she has done a makeover of Sara Jessica for Hocus Pocus and The Family Stone. She has done many editorials for magazines modelling pages.

3. Richard Taylor

Bobbi BRichard Taylor -  Style in FLuxrrown -  Style in FLux

Richard Taylor is the most sophisticated makeup artist in Hollywood, he understands what are the more clearly decent visions for natural looks of a person. He has achieved best makeup awards Winner of 5 Oscars, 4 BAFTAs and many other high-status awards. He is a co-founder of Wellington’s Weta Companies with other directors. This man did a fantastic job about Lord of the Rings.

4. Billy B

Billy B  -  Style In FLux

Billy B a name, calling by Jackie Chen on his every shot, he is also a big recommender for the huge cosmetic brand of L’Oreal Paris. Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair are the international magazines for whom he has worked with. His versatile and dominant creativity has made him one of the most successful makeup artists today.

5. Pat McGrath

 Pat McGrath 

A dynamic name in the versatility of the most dominant makeup artist popular for its decent hand work on human’s face. When she hold brushes then colours listens to the symphony of his mind to shape your looks with stunning features. Pat McGrath has the best experience with Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna, she is big in little experience.

6. Sam Fine:

Sam Fine - StyleinFlux

He is the creator of many fashion designs and famous for celebrity artistic makeup looks. The awesomeness of his work’s fragrance can be seen on many famous magazines including Vibe, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Marie Claire, etc. If you are more curious about more news you have to subscribe us for all kinds of latest fashion trends. Every fashion about celebrities, sportsmen, and what is new in trend? You will find there.


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